About Us

Like the legendary Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest, the elusive Yeti roams the icy slopes of the great Himalayan Mountains. It is said that he wanders endlessly throughout this mythical land in search of its tastiest treats.

Yeti Yogurt Frozen Creations is proud to capture these frosty confections and brings them to you. We provide our guests with the ability to be part of the ongoing legend and create their own unique and legendary frozen creations using high quality and delicious frozen yogurts, sorbets, and toppings.

We not only serve classic flavors such as Vanilla Snowflake, Milk Chocolate and Cupcake Batter but we also feature flavors that cannot be found anywhere else: our proprietary BigFoot Java branded flavors such as Mythical Mocha®, Strawberry Sasquatch® or Nutty Yeti®.

Our goal is to provide you with seemingly endless options to get creative and our stores feature a minimum of 16 flavors, every day, and up to 24 flavors in certain locations. Combined with over 60 savory and sweet toppings, including fresh-cut fruit, your favorite candies and cereals, and, of course, BigFoot Java espresso beans, our guests can truly let their imaginations run wild.

Stop by soon and become part of the Yeti legend!