Our Products

Yeti Yogurt is proud to serve products that are made with the highest quality ingredients. Our frozen yogurt is crafted with one of the highest counts of live and active cultures and is compliant with the National Yogurt Association Live and Active Culture (LAC) program. All Nonfat and NSA flavors are low in sodium and cholesterol. Our Tart flavors are made with all natural flavors and no artificial coloring. Sorbets are non-dairy and contain no fat, sodium or cholesterol.

Yeti Yogurt frozen yogurt contains milk with no artificial growth hormones (rBST), no high fructose corn syrup and is certified Kosher. We offer many gluten-free, allergen-free and Yeti Yogurt Frozen Creation Products vegetarian options so there is something for everyone!

Besides the obvious health benefits, the taste is unbeatable and your options are almost limitless. Each Yeti Yogurt store features at least 16 flavor choices at all times and over 65 sweet or savory toppings.

We are also proud of our affiliation with BigFoot Java and feature proprietary BigFoot Java flavored yogurts that can only be found at Yeti Yogurt Frozen Creation stores.

Of course, creating your own unique and personalized creation is the best part of the experience so stop by soon and become part of the Yeti legend!